Monthly Archives: October 2013

Things I am thankful for


Today I would like to share a few things that have been on my heart for weeks now, but have been too personal for me to write out in a way that made sense and conveyed the message. Hopefully now they will, because our God has done some great things in my life and it would be a shame not to testify of them.

1. I’m thankful for music. Music has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up my family played and sang together constantly. My parents taught us to sing in Harmony and to play instruments (I never learned an instrument because the idea of doing something the way it MUST be done was appalling to me and I was too lazy). Anyways, music was and is a very intricate part of our family. During the teenage years music was a constant source of debate in our house and my biggest goal was to be able to listen to what I wanted to listen to with out hiding it and actually to be able to share it with both my parents, especially my dad. Dad and I disagreed passionately on what kinds of music were acceptable and the evils of “Christian rock”. It always bothered me that I was not allowed to listen to certain Christian bands and that my dad and I were always butting heads over it. I will never forget the very first album that came out that my dad and I could both listen to together and be amazed by together. It was a Christian rock band who’s lyrics were so over the top worshipful that my dad couldn’t deny their love for God or the merits of listening to their music. Not only did he approve for the first time, but for the first time EVER we could bond over it and love it together. That was the turning point and the beginning of a beautiful friendship through music with my dad. Now it has blossomed and our conversations frequently start with one of us sending a song to each other, and ministering to each other when one of us is down, and praising God together over songs, and singing songs together.

Those years of fighting and then the many years since of sharing have made me super sensitive to my relationship to my kids with music. It is through what I learned from my parents about what music really is and how it contributes to our spiritual and emotional lives, that I am so thankful to say that my relationship with my kids and music is starting out the way my relationship with my parents is now, and not the other way around. My son likes rap music a lot and he has been so blessed by the lyrics of Lacrae and others like him and has been edified by it. I am blessed every time I have a conversation with my son about a specific song and what he likes and doesn’t like about it and how it ministers to him, I love that when a song speaks to his soul, Johnny wants to sing it in church or share it with his friends and family,and I praise God like I am praising him now, for taking me through all he has to bring me to this place of gratefulness to him for his mercy and love, for my parents, for my relationship with them, and for music that has been so special and bond building for us all as a family.

2. I’m thankful for ministry, which is the outlet of our talents and worship. A few weeks back, I had the tremendous opportunity to do something with my dad, that I used to do as a child with him. This time though was even more special. My dad was able to join me and the kids on a ministry outing with our homeschool co op to the local nursing home. Dad played his guitar and was able to see his grandchildren recite verses and sing songs and give out special gifts they had made to the residents of the nursing home. It was so special to get to share that with him and to share I the blessing of him and my mom’s legacy of faith and ministry. Then he and I were able to sing a song together. It was a wonderful moment in time and one that I will never forget! Praise God for godly parents who taught me and who are able to see the fruit of their labor and share in the joy of their legacy! God is so good!

3. I’m thankful for time: that we too often take for granted. The night of the nursing home ministry our whole family along with some friends got together to celebrate my brother and sister in law’s twins turning one. As I looked over and saw my parents siting there, I was basking I the glow of the day and rejoicing in The Lord that I got to be with them and dad got to go to the nursing home with us and it hit me.
One year ago it had been so different. One year ago, my dad suddenly lost all of his short term memory, one year ago my dad had been in the hospital after having what they believe was a stroke. One year ago my dad was fighting for his life, and I didn’t know if he would live, and if he did, would he be able to remember us and the beautiful life God gave us. One year ago we were celebrating the birth of the twins, and wondering if we would have more time with my dad or not. One year ago, I was driving my mom to the ER to see my dad at 1 o’clock in the morning and trying to comfort her and be there knowing they were both suffering. One year ago I saw time with my dad being stripped from me, and fearing that he would never see what he had seen that day. And, one year ago I saw God give time back to us. Dad is alive, he was there sitting there contentedly holding a cake covered twin,next to my mother who is the strongest woman alive and the love of his life. So yeah, thank you so much God for time!