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School girl romance


I have recently been reading books from the YA genera. There are some excellent titles out there and series that I have really enjoyed. One thing I like about that particular genera, is that many of the books have the same elements of more adult books with out all the explicit details that even adults should’t be reading. In other words, They are safer. Reading has always been a passion of mine, since my mother placed the first Nancy Drew book into my hands around the age of seven. I savor each adventure reveling in the ability to enter other worlds and hang out there. The departure from reality is exciting no matter my real-life circumstance. Sometimes, the differences in the worlds,my own and the book’s, astound me and I appreciate them. Other times, I find the characters’ experiences bring me back into my past and I am allowed to re-live feelings and events in a hind site is 20/20 way and I can be happy to have been there and come through able to look back with peace and happiness. My favorites from YA, are when I am taken back to highschool with a character and I realize that I still feel the same giddiness that the character expresses, and that my life, though very different, still shares the same elements, with the added benefits of wisdom and adult privileges. This happened to me today. My husband is finishing up a very difficult class in his quest for a master of divinity degree. He stays up very late working. That leaves me with a lot of time to read. This is nice actually because we have worked out a happy existence each sitting side by side working and reading and having a continuing conversation about life in short spurts throughout the evening. We are always together, always available to each other, yet able to engage in other worlds in between. Currently I am re-reading a series for the third time. My husband asked me, “Why don’t you just watch the movies?” My reply, “Because this way, I get to spend way more time in their world, and since I have read them twice already it will take me longer to read them. This way I get to spend days or weeks in the other world instead of just hours with the movies.” Yes I’m that much of a nerd, and guess what, I Am A HAPPY NERD. The main character of these books is in high school at first and falling for a boy. It takes me back to the days of having a crush and being excited to go to school just to see him there, even if he doesn’t know you exist. Those days when the torture of love is the best torture in the world. It’s the beautiful agony of finding out he likes you and knowing you have to spend hours apart. The anticipation is killing you, but it is also your best friend because it keeps you company while you are waiting. The fantasies of what it will be like to be with him again, what he looks like, the sound of his voice, how he smells…..yes those were the days. Then it hit me. This is my life!!!! As a stay at home mom, I go through this on a daily basis. I am in love! The feelings of the main character are relatable because I go through them every hour of every day. I get to be with HIM for a few short hours a day, then we are separated and I miss him. I live for the moment he walks in the door at night and I get to see him, hear is voice, drink in the smell of him, and just be together. We have our spats occasionally and they cause me the same consternation as her’s did. I have been married now for close to twelve years and I still feel the same way. I love him, I am excited for every possible moment with him. I love the sound of his voice, I love the way he smells, I love the way he looks, I love being with him and sharing my thoughts with him. I love sharing our burdens together,our life together. I love everything about him. We have adventures together like having babies, and taking trips and sharing everything. He keeps us from danger and lets me help. I can be a damsel in distress, or the heroin fighting by his side. It’s all included in this life that I love. This is why I love books, they remind me of my life and why I love it and why I will fight for my family. It’s not always easy, it doesn’t have to be, it’s all part of the adventure! I guess I’m just a silly little school girl, but I’m so glad he likes me likes me!