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I told you so


Vindication: we all want it.  It says that we were right all along and it feeds our pride.  It is a huge temptation to revel in it. It is a huge temptation to use it against others. It is a huge temptation to take credit for it.

There are some serious issues facing my family right now. Ha!! That is an understatement! Also, there are huge issues facing all the families I know right now! Oppression is everywhere. Spiritual oppression blankets everyone and everything why? 

Because: “Ephesians 6:12 we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers against the rulers of darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places.”   

We live in a fallen world . 

Sometimes loyalty doesn’t mean following those who we are loyal to.  Sometimes it means standing firm. Like “Ephesians 6:13 wherefore take on the WHOLE armour of God, that you may able to stand in evil day and having done all, to stand.

How do these concepts relate to each other? Loyalty and vindication? I will show you what God is showing me.  

2 Corinthians 10:5 says “casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

I never realized it before, but this verse deals with imaginations and feelings vs facts.  I always just paid attention to the end (taking our thoughts into captivity.)  The devil is the accuser of the brethren. One of his most effective tactics is to put thoughts in our head that we believe as fact with out evidence to support it.  These are the things that we hold on to because they seemingly cannot be proven yet we feel like we need to take a position on them. More often than not,the position we take is used to justify our choices–and to us they become truth.  These are the things we want to hold on to because the consequences of the decisions we make (based on them)depend on it.  Then the desire and intense need for vindication comes.  We become loyal to ourselves,and that loyalty is disguised as loyalty to others or used to justifiy our reasons for choosing sides against them.

We must cast down such imaginations. They hinder the knowledge of God.  The facts upon which our faith is built. The building blocks that hold up the foundations of our families, friendships, and churches.  We must seek God and refuse to act on anything but the facts, and knowledge of Him that only He can give.  It is through this that we can clearly align our loyalty. Loyalty that isn’t shaken by sin.

It makes me think of David.  He was chased down by Saul his own father in law. Betrayed by his family.  Hunted, persecuted, hurt.  All because of a hatred fueled by evil spirits and the imaginations of Saul.  Yet when David had the chance to kill him–more than once–he didn’t.  David knew the truth. He didn’t have to stand and fight Saul.  He didn’t have to worry about what Saul thought said or did about him.  He stood firm with out fighting, he ran when he had to.  And when Saul was dead, David mourned.  He did not seek vindication and boy he could have! He mourned the loss of human life. A life that had caused him pain, the loss that sin and disobedience brought.  The vindication was the Lord’s. David could have said “See I told you I was right! I am king!” He could have capitalized on Sauls wickedness and used it to decide to kill him when he had the chance. By the way: in those moments it looked very much like God was leading him to kill Saul, but he didn’t.  He had a clear view of God and he did not turn away from what was right!! He was loyal to Saul, and yet he wasn’t following him. He also kept a close relationship with Jonathon even though he was Saul’s son.  Do you think Satan didn’t try to poison that relationship? I can just hear it now. “Hey David, I bet Jonathan isn’t really your friend. He just wants to get close to you so he can help his father” Vengeance belongs to God and so does vindication!! Loyalty is based on truth.  Truth is only revealed to us by God, through his word and through first hand knowledge based on comminication in love and truth.  

For a second, picture your self in the full amour of God ready to stand or fight on command. God, our loving father,knower of all things, past and present,beside you. Are you really going to fear what men can do to you or say to or about you? NOPE. Do you need to lie or believe lies in that situation? NOPE.  Reminds me of a line in my favorite movie: “We are men of action, lies do not become us!”Listen for truth!!! Our response to a vindication in our life reveals our loyalty.  What we do with it matters. Sometimes it comes after we have, in love,given another brother or sister in Christ an unheeded warning about danger or sin. And the vindication is the result of their sins finding them out.  Sometimes it is just finding out your were right. Sometimes it is about the whole world finding out that what was said about us wasn’t true after all. Sometimes it is after a long battle, our children come to us and say “I wish I would have listened to you, Mom.”And we have to help them With the hurt of the seeds they sowed. 

What do you do with that?You are David,standing over Sauls sleeping body fully able to walk away.  You are David being crowned King and Saul is dead. You can trust when you see the God who sees you like Hagar did in The wilderness enabling her to go back to the horrid situation of Abraham and Sarah’s house.  You can choose to stand in truth without fear and without action.  You can act, knowing you are doing what is right with out fear of the backlash that IS coming!! You can do all things through Christ who will strengthen you!  You can cast down imaginations, and choose to think on things that are pure, holy, lovely and of good report!!! You can!! I can! We can be loyal even if it means we don’t follow.  We can give our vindications to God not take credit for or use them against others and ultimately ourselves.  We can have grace under fire knowing that the truth will be revealed and God is King. We can wear our armour with confidence and stand unshaken.  

If this does not apply to you today, save it, it will some day.  Right now it definitely applies to me as I navigate a world of hurt surrounding me and my own casting down of imaginations, and asking God to give me the wisdom to deal with what IS–instead of what I want it to be.  What IS–instead of what I fear it is. And remember, if you pull this out later on to use it,remember it was me.  I TOLD YOU SO!! Hehe j/k 


Cherished ones


I used to think it took a special kind of person to become a foster parent.  If that is true I am in big trouble! I do not, by any means, think of myself as extraordinary.  The super human skills I admire so much in my friends who are Foster parents have always eluded me.  But, here I am standing on the precipase of opening my home to children in need.  My house is almost completely ready, my heart is bursting with excitement, and I imagine that moment when the door opens and those little faces look up at me desperately needed shelter, safety, and love.  I have learned:  it doesn’t take a special person to be a foster parent.  It takes an extraordinary child to need a foster parent.  

These precious souls do not ask to be taken from everything they have ever known to live with strangers.  They didn’t ask to be hurt, abused, neglected and abandoned.  All they wanted was a chance to learn, grow, love and be loved.  To live unashamed, uninhibited, and unafraid.  They are the amazing ones.  They endure through incredible odds, they bounce back (with many side effects) and open their hearts over and over.  They are the extraordinary ones who find a way to carve out a life for themselves and the ones they love.  

It doesn’t take a super hero to be a foster parent.  It just takes a willingness to open your life and your home to some one who needs it, and an understanding that their needs come first.  I heared it said that the definition of the word “cherished” is: to be regarded as precious regardless of performance.  That’s what it takes to be a foster parent–the ability to cherish.  

I can do that.  I choose to do that.  Can you? If you would like to become a foster parent or you can support someone else who is please do it.  It will change your life and the lives of many children who need you.  And who knows it may turn you into a super hero, you will definatly meet some!