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Mommy of four?!


What a lot of people don’t know is that Owen’s biological sister was placed that night with our friend Amanda specifically for the purpose of giving us a chance to meet her in hopes that we would be able to open our home to her as well.  We wanted to keep as many of the siblings together as we could. 

We decided that we would meet up the next day at target and get to know her a little and we would have until Sunday to make our decision.  

She was five years old and so cute!  Obviously tramatized and mentioned details of the case quite often.  We basically fell in love with her. But we were scared.  Friday was awesome and we took Saturday to think and pray through the details.   But Sunday morning we had decided that it wasn’t something we felt we could do.  It broke my heart getting ready for church knowing I had to tell Amanda no and our desire to keep them together was crushed. 
I walked into the sanctuary and I heard a little voice shout across to me “Mrs Rachel!!!” I looked up to see Jalicia run into my arms and give me the biggest hug.  My heart melted and the resolve to say no went with it. 

That afternoon we took her home with us although we were still hesitant to commit.  I wanted to make sure I could say yes to the possibility of forever and that I was equipped to be her mom.  I didn’t want to get into a situation where we needed out.  It was a big decision. 

That afternoon we were having so much fun in the car talking and laughing.  My heart was getting entangled in this beautiful little girl and I was fighting God on this hard.  

This is the conversation that clenched it.

Me: Jalicia we have been praying for you and your brother for a long time. 

Jalicia: because you wanted us?

As soon as we were stopped I texted John and then Amanda.  The answer was yes!  Suddenly I was a mom of four!! 

That was one year ago today!